How did FinDoor start?

Our company was originally known for timber transportation and forest clearing. During the exceptionally mild winter of 1989, our newly-completed maintenance hall still needed doors. However, we couldn't find any functional and easy-to-use doors that would meet our requirements, so we decided to design and make the doors ourselves. That is how the first folding doors were manufactured in Ii. 

Word about functional and energy-efficient doors soon spread around the neighbourhood, and people started making enquiries about doors for their barns and halls. As the number of interested visitors increased, we decided to start designing and manufacturing doors in addition to our main field of business. In just under ten years, in 1998, we started manufacturing nothing but doors.

The main idea in our family business has always been this: doors should be functional, warm, and unnoticeable. Now, we are Finland's leading manufacturer of folding doors.

Our values

QUALITY – We believe that even after many decades, we can still look all of our customers in the eye.

HONESTY – As is the custom in northern Finland: we keep our promises. Our operations are transparent, so the customer will get what they order, and know what they're getting.

FLEXIBILITY – As a family business, we can react quickly to the constantly changing conditions. We are also able to provide fast deliveries.