Customer satisfaction is important to us at Findoor. That is why we contact our customers even after the installation of the doors, and make sure that our doors perform as they should.


A courier and transportation business, is building a concrete industrial hall. The building will serve them as a warehouse and a loading facility. This new building needed functioning and easy to use doors providing hassle-free entry for even larger motor vehicles. Findoor’s high quality products and quick service impressed Sebastian Isaksson.

Sebastian Isaksson works as a driver for the courier and transportation service. The business owned several trucks, including boom trucks, and semi-trucks.

"The company is getting close to completion on constructing a new building, which will be used to rent storage space plus unloading and loading trucks and trailers. We also needed new doors on this new building. A buddy of mine had bought doors from Findoor, and I went to see what they were like. “The doors appeared to be instantly ready and absolutely high quality products,” Sebastian says. 

Functioning Doors Facilitate Passage and Prevent Heat Loss

Doors will undergo heavy usage at this industrial building owned by the courier and transportation firm, and it must be possible for even big motor vehicles to enter and exit without any trouble.

”We knew right from the start that we want the building to have folding doors that open sideways. Now we do not have to reach up, and we can open just half of the door if we want to get only a single container or truck out of the building. That way we do not lose as much heat in the wintertime,” Sebastian says with a smile.

The folding door is easy to open and close. The technology of the hinges lifts the door up a bit, so that the bottom does not scrape along the floor and the door easily folds up and out of the way to the left and/or right.

Quick delivery and installation

From a customer’s perspective the purchase, delivery and installation of the doors was an easy process.

"The Findoor rep came here and took measurements on site. Then we agreed on a price and closed the deal. The installers arrived a couple of weeks later. It took them six hours to install three doors. They came in the morning, and that evening the doors were installed. And the doors worked just like they are supposed to. Everything happened so easily. That was truly fast service!”

According to Sebastian, the customer service was also really good in other ways too. The Findoor personnel made sure they stayed fully aware of the customer’s wishes and product choices throughout the process – and beyond.

“Findoor called us afterwards as well, and asked if we were satisfied with our doors and did we want them to come and make some alterations? From my perspective, I can say that they provide their service truly well, getting the product here and in place was fast and the product quality is good. I do dare to recommend Findoor to others,” said a happy Sebastian.