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With our folding doors, going in and out is so easy, that you might not even notice the doors. You do not have to be strong to be able to use our sturdy and airtight doors. The doors have been designed to be so light that they can be used by one person, regardless of the size of the door.

We have put particular emphasis on durability. The surface material of the doors is coated steel sheet, and the structure is non-absorbent. There are as few moving parts as possible, thus minimising the need for maintenance. The seals are made from EPDM rubber, which can handle extreme Nordic conditions. AAfter the installation, the need for maintenance is minimal. The doors are available with an insulation thickness of either 50 or 60 mm.

Our folding doors are great for any object. The colour options for our doors can be found on Ruukki's colour chart. If necessary, folding doors can also be fitted with a wicket door.

Folding doors can be used, for example, in warehouses, laundry halls, production premises, garages, industrial halls, farms, airports etc.

* EI30 fire rating available as an extra feature.


The surface material of our folding doors is Ruukki's steel sheet, coated on both sides.

  1. Coating
  2. Base coat
  3. Passivation layer
  4. Zinc layer
  5. Steel sheet
  6. Background coating


The upper seals of FinDoor folding doors is positioned between the door and the wall. FinDoor door seals characteristically have functional seal interals and sufficient seal reserves, which help to avoid cold bridges in structures.


All of our windows are well-insulated and transparent 2K4-9 thermal glass elements. The material is easy to clean. Rectangular windows also available.


Our doors are always custom-made. We manufacture 1-6 panel doors for doorways of almost any size. It is also possible to install wicket doors to these doors, with various kinds of locking systems and/or insulated glass windows.

Attachment surfaces and space requirements

Folding doors can be attached to timber, steel and concrete wall structures. The frame can also be fitted with steel, in which case the door can be installed in a lightweight wall.

The space requirements are determined by the number of door leavs. The images below show the space requirements for a four-leaf door.

Wireless control

FinDoor doors can be fitted with wireless control; it is possible to choose between the simultaneous opening or closing of 1 - 4 doors with a remote control, of which many kinds are available.

All of our folding doors have a two-year warranty, regardless of their installation method.

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